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Why would I want faster internet speed?

Bandwidth usage per customer has more than doubled in the last couple of years. We don’t see that trend reversing anytime soon. Some of the causes are large email downloads, video streaming (like Netflix), online gaming, people sending or receiving large data files, and more people working from home.

All customers receive a fixed amount of bandwidth (speed). Based on the package you have selected, you receive 5, 10, or 15 megabits of bandwidth delivered to your home or office. This bandwidth is shared by all computers and internet devices in your home or office.

The 5 megabit package can stream Netflix and is generally sufficient for most 1 or 2 computer personal usage, but as people continue doing more with their computers, adding multiple computers, iPhones, iPads, gaming devices, etc. in their home or business, everything can slow down.

Several computers running high usage applications quickly eat up 5 megabits of bandwidth. Increasing  bandwidth (speed) makes all of your computers run faster. We recommend households with multiple computers to start at the 10 megabit package.

If your internet is slowing down when the kids are online, if the video isn’t streaming as fast as you would like, or if faster is just better, you may want to think about adding bandwidth and getting an upgraded package.

Should I have any different equipment?

A router is required. If you don’t have a router, you can purchase one from us. Our routers are high quality general purpose routers. Some applications, like online gaming, can benefit by gaming specific routers that are much quicker for gaming applications.

What if I'm already with another provider?

We’re convinced you’ll prefer Vision Broadband service over any other. We are currently waiving our $95 installation fee.

We want your business!

Do you take credit and debit cards?

Yes. We take all major credit and debit cards except American Express. We also take direct deposit checks.

Vonage, MagicJack, and other VOIP phones don't work with satellite internet providers. Do they work with Vision Broadband Service?

Yes. Our latency is so low that VOIP phones work very well with all of our packages.

What happens after I sign up?

Vision Broadband antenna

Vision Broadband antenna

Our professional installers will schedule a time with you to attach a small antenna to your home or office (see example). A wire will connect the antenna to a router in your home which will distribute internet to all computers in your home or office. If you don’t have a router we can provide a high quality wireless/wired router for a nominal fee. That’s all there is to it. Typical installations usually take 2 – 4 hours.

Vision Broadband sends statements via email. You will receive your first month’s statement at time of installation. After that your statement will arrive each month around the 2nd of each month. You have until the 25th of the month to pay the bill. Checks can be mailed in but many people use bill-pay through their banks for automatic payments. We also accept most major credit or debit cards. We don’t accept American Express.

Why do you offer more bandwidth per dollar than other providers?

Frankly, we wonder why others don’t offer more. Certainly the technology is available.

We know the importance of communication in our lives, and that of our children’s. Across the country, more and more K12 schools are issuing students laptop computers or requiring them to do homework online. It’s certainly a requirement for college students. The internet is an information resource to children that wasn’t dreamed of until only a few years ago. Earlier generations bought encyclopedias for the kids at home to enhance their children’s learning.

The way Americans entertain themselves is changing. Netflix, and others, now offer movie downloads over the internet. Many people now watch on-line movies more often than going to movies at the theaters. Some people compete with others across the planet in online games. Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instant Messaging, all of these are changing the way people interact socially. High-Speed internet is the heart of it all.

We believe everyone should have low cost access to the internet with enough bandwidth so that it’s enjoyable.

I already have satellite internet, why should I change?

You need to make that decision based on some hard facts. Satellites work in any area with exposure to the southern sky. That’s good. On the other hand, satellite service is expensive, much slower, and is prone to service problems in stormy weather.

Latency is the killer for satellites. The distance up to the satellite and back down to a ground station then back up to the satellite and back to your computer is significant. Average speed for the trip (latency) usually exceeds 1000 milliseconds. Latency in Vision Broadband service is typically less than 30 milliseconds. No matter what speed you have, you wait far less time for images, video, etc to appear than with satellite.

This extreme latency is why satellites don’t support VOIP, digital phones services, VPN, gaming, or other timing sensitive applications. All of our broadband packages easily support these kinds of services.

Cost savings is key to most families. One typical satellite provider charges:

$224.85 – Total Startup cost (equipment lease, account setup, shipping & handling, etc.

Data and equipment purchase or lease fees go up from there.

Additionally, most satellite providers have a fairly low data limit that once you exceed, your service is stopped or curtailed until you pay more money. If you do almost anything with your computer, you will exceed most of these limits. Vision Broadband has NO DATA LIMIT!!

Our basic service offers 5 mbps for $39.95 and almost no latency.

I have satellite TV service. How does Vision Broadband service work with that?

Vision Broadband service is the perfect companion to satellite TV service like Dish Network or DirecTV.

Your TV programming is brought to you through the satellite provider, your internet service is provided by Vision Broadband. You can even add digital telephone for your home phone. You can save money and not be connected to expensive, local, telephone carriers.

Why not just use an "Air Card" in my computer for internet service?

Most cell phone service providers offer a version of an “Air Card” that plugs into your computer for internet access. These are very lucrative for the phone provider.

They operate in the already crowded 3G and 4G cell networks. The typical monthly costs for these data plans vary per month for a limited amount of data traffic. Service is slow and sketchy in many areas due to the nature of cellular internet and to crowded circuits and latency. Some plans offer unlimited internet but then slow your connection down when you exceed a certain amount of data.

Overage charges for going over your allowed data limit can be quite expensive. Check the fine print before you commit.

How fast is my current Internet?

Internet providers advertise their fastest throughput to customers. There are times when the demand of the subscribers can exceed the ability of the Internet provider’s available bandwidth. These times should be rare occurrences. Customers should expect to achieve the advertised speed from their provider most of the time.

If you feel your provider isn’t giving you all of the speed you are paying for, there are several good sites to test your system’s throughput. will provide an accurate test of your system’s throughput.

If you are not getting the throughput you expect, isn’t it time to upgrade?

I would like to use my cell phone at home but the cell coverage isn't too good where I live.

Most cell providers offer a ‘mini’ cell booster that plugs into your high speed internet connection at home or work and provides strong cell coverage throughout your home or office. These usually cost from $0 to $180. These devices work well with service from Vision Broadband, due to the extremely low latency and high speed of our service.

Check with your cell provider for pricing and to see what they have available.

Another option is a VOIP service like UUMA, Vonage, ITP,  etc. They offer unlimited local and LD calling from $5 – $25 per month.

Do I need a telephone to have high speed internet?

You do not need to have a phone line for service. The internet is delivered to your site wirelessly. This opens the door to some interesting and cost saving possibilities.

Some people use cell phones exclusively for voice communication. They have no need for “land lines”. With Vision Broadband service, you can discontinue the telephone service completely and still have high speed internet.

For those who do want a telephone in the home or office, UUMA, Vonage, ITP, etc VOIP phones utilizes your high speed internet connection and provides great savings.

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